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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 24, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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proposal for slots at the park. he has details on the legal argument. >> is a battle over signatures. if the court throws that a petition asking for a referendum to reject slots, it increases the chances that the club will bid. they have designs on slot parlor at the mall. they're questioning the validity of petition signatures. in court, they portray the jockey club as agree villain who paid professions to collect signatures and got the required amount using fraud and deception. >> with massive evidence of people being told that they were signing a petition for slots. >> smoke, mirrors, extrapolations, innuendo. >> together with the chicago
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company, they collected 40,000 signatures. the board of elections rejected more than 17,000 of it, leaving more than enough to qualify for a referendum. >> the failure certified them found at least 5000 more that appear to be bogus. >> they're written in the same handwriting. >> attorneys say that they went above and beyond the statutory requirements. the scene in this review that it refers -- is like a modern-day poll tax. >> the spend days and weeks through 3 blizzard's getting signatures. the essence of democracy. thus there are also allegations of espionage. then hired a woman to disrupt the gathering process. >> there is nobody that was attempting to block anybody, and that is just a smokescreen.
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>> members of the baltimore city council stood in support of opposition to arizona's controversial immigration law. they signed the bill for prosecuting and deporting illegal immigrants. >> will to make sure that law- abiding citizens are not racially profiled. we understand the need for laws to protect our country for illegal immigration. i and the citizens of baltimore and the state would agree that we need to lose -- control illegal immigration. >> wanted to produce -- introduce an immigration bill here in maryland. >> the mayor's proposal was shelled last week, but other revenue ideas don't even come close to the 4 cent container tax. we're live at city hall with more. >> there is a packed house at city hall earlier this evening
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for just as many folks for this issue as against it as the ball tax came up for a second reading. this issue has become very controversial for the city council, deciding to table the issue for the second reader vote for further date. it was just last week to announce the key money maker in the proposed budget plan, they publicly but not officially rejected the proposal of a 4 cent tax on certain bottled beverages that would generate more than $11 million. it would thought that some other ideas including taxing video slot machines and the boards would make just as much money and would be a better alternative. it turns out their figures were a little off, and it appears the bottle tax is looking like an interesting option. >> and there were a number of council members who came up with
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some alternative ideas that they would put forward if the bottle tax did fail, including raising taxes on cable television and taxing vacant properties around the city. these are ideas that were introduced tonight, but the bottom line and the overlying cloud is this bottle tax. for now that has been tabled to a further date that has not been revealed. >> backers are trying to determine the cause of a fire in northeast baltimore. the sky team was over the same at bellaire road. the fire started in the kitchen of a chinese restaurant and spread to the roof. they're no reports of any injuries. >> police have identified the man shot a half-dozen times outside his home. neighbors and detectives who want to know who reject want to know who would want to kill lee
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martin. we have details. >> they have had nine homicides so far this year compared to 15 the same time last year. that is no comfort for the family and friends of a bar owner who was murdered over the weekend. in this close-knit community, toolbars have friendly competition and the same customers. >> will is laugh about it. i've always said that these bars complement each other. >> family friends and patrons are mourning his death. the police are searching for clues that will help solve martin's murder. neighbors say they heard nine gunshots saturday morning after he closed and began walking home. police say that two men approached him. >> the victim was shot multiple times in the test. >> investigators are not sure of
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a motive. >> at this point, we don't know what the motive was. it is hard to determine if the motive was robbery, something planned, or if it was something isolated. we just don't know. >> neighbors claim that they heard people running down the avenue heading down the path. the board says it has had no complaints, the bar has had no violations. >> everybody is devastated. i am hurt. >> she talked to us. some of his friends were inside her bar talking about him. the issue is a great person. of his customers were his friends. they could depend on him for being there for them.
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he helped them out. >> funeral services are set for tomorrow in the 7100 block. the visitation is from 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. with a service beginning at 7:00 p.m.. >> reporting live,. >> tonight, frustration is growing with bp and through the obama administration's efforts to stop oil. it has not worked. bp is doing all i can. this comes as federal officials travel to the gulf to assess the situation. >> of the white house is putting the pressure up on bp as it faces more questions about who should be in charge. the obama administration is
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stepping up the tough talk. >> we continue to hold them as the responsible party. we are on them watching them. >> they will be held accountable, we will keep our boot on their neck. >> to push bp out of the way would raise questions. >> president obama held -- they slammed the federal response as disjointed. >> we have only received 5,040 feet. we need more resources and the materials requested. >> they have been waiting for weeks. >> we need more deployment. we need that land boom immediately to block oil. dodge bp understands the frustration.
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>> at this point, it has not been successful. i am devastated by that. >> the new attempt has been postponed from tuesday to wednesday at the earliest. >> stay with us, there is more news ahead. >> there is now greater risk that speeding drivers will get caught in baltimore city. we will explain coming up. >> of the supreme court has something to say about the way the nfl sells merchandise the fans. it could impact labor negotiations with the fans. >> scattered showers are moving in from the east. see how long the weather pattern will do and our first look ahead at the memorial day weekend. 76
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>> baltimore city is stepping up efforts to slow down drivers. we have the details. >> baltimore city now has the most unique. daisy jackson sees this be all too often. >> is a school right there. it doesn't make sense. >> principal bill murphy -- maybe if you hit people in the pocketbook, they will realize that driving 40 and a 25 is not a good idea, especially when
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there are a lot of kids around. >> they chose those spots. 4 cameras will monitor for different predetermined spots. >> what the germans were they move? >> we have conducted a comprehensive study to determine where those portable units should be placed. will looked at that number of accidents, how many drivers speed, and they're going to be placed in school zones. >> offenders will get a $40 to get caught going 12 miles an hour or more over the speed limit. most of which actually look like cameras. the new ones have a unique shape and are already catching people off guard. >> i thought it was some device. i thought was meter reading or some type of monitoring. >> i have never seen that
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before. they might have come a speeding coming down there. >> of the shape and shifting may help catch more speeders, but school officials say they make the speeders' wonder if they're being watched. >> there is no specific patterns or these cameras will go or which school zones they will go to. it will post all 22 locations on the web site. >> nowadays, you can buy them anywhere and they're pretty inexpensive. apparently some people never got that message. evelyn says that she has been renting her phone for decades. >> i did not know that i could get another phone without having to pay a lease. i thought i just had to be that
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way. >> we have discovered hundreds of thousands of people are still renting their phones. tonight, how she figured out that she didn't need to do that anymore. and what the leasing company has to say when why anyone would do that when they could buy one for a fraction of the price. >> now, your forecast. >> we're seeing a few scattered light rain showers coming in from the east. most weather tracks west to east, but this weather pattern reversed a little bit. it will keep temperatures in check and dragons and shower whether -- showery weather. trying to get into parts of baltimore county before the fall apart, the better chance you get a little bit of a shower this evening. it will taper off overnight.
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the further west you go, the drier the weather pattern is. iran has not been that substantial today. light shower activity. 77 at the airport today be the normal high by one degree. spawning to the east wins is favorable to us. it tends to lower the pollen counts temporarily. >the airport at 75, just a touch cooler up in the mountains. on the coast at ocean city, they have a sea breeze and a down to 64. a few of the showers to the northeast of baltimore, 57-64 for the overnight low. when is coming out of the east. low pressure over the atlantic, just kind of fun of that era to the mid-atlantic.
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the hurricane center might become tropical in nature. it might start to take on tropical storm characteristics. you can't tell the atmosphere that. the first name on the list is alex. it will see if it becomes alex all over the next few days. hot and humid summer weather building up. some of that heat and humidity is likely to get here as a go through the middle part of the week. after some early morning clouds, there'll be some afternoon sun. heat and humidity continue to build. scattered thunderstorms on wednesday and a chance for an isolated thunderstorm on thursday, especially going into friday as the next front arrives. 77-82 tomorrow around baltimore. around the bay, look for some fog in the morning.
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the same scenario on that eastern shore will keep the beach at 69. the day forecast has very light winds tomorrow, that will keep the waves under 1 foot. the temperatures are slowly climbing into the upper 60's. 80 niner 90 on wednesday, start to crank up the humidity as well. the chance for a couple of isolated storms on thursday, and a better chance on friday as we get into the memorial day weekend. sunny to partly cloudy skies, a daytime high in the 70's. >> now, 11 sports. >> all signs continue to point to a full and relatively fast come back. they said last week that both players looked ahead of schedule as they continue the surgery. washington and web at both --
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and webb saying everything is on schedule. washington said that the doctor told him he is doing great and he will be ready in time for training camp. the ravens will reply -- rely heavily on both of them coming back healthy this season. the business model that the nfl uses to put jersey and other merchandise suffered a setback. the supreme court ruled against the nfl late bid for broad antitrust protection. in a lawsuit brought forth by a former patent maker, the nfl must be considered 32 separate teams, not one big business when selling merchandise like jerseys. at the nfl on this case, it would've given them greater leverage in the ongoing negotiations for a new labor contract with players. >> the cavaliers will have to wait to find out whether or not they will have lebron james.
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he will play for a new head coach if he comes back. mike brown was fired today, each of his five seasons, the past two years, the cavaliers have the best record in the nba. they failed to make it to the finals both years. it will hold off hiring a fax until that the chance of bringing james back. they open on july 1. >> they have the distinctive pressure, and everyone named -- and not named fetterer -- taking on in taking apart his opponent. he surrenders on a double fault. the day just gets tougher. backhand, into the net. if you make unforced errors
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against fetterer, you will have a very tough afternoon whether you're paying on -- playing on clay or crushed glass. we sail out with the seven-day forecast.
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>> here is what we're working on
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for tonight. a new grocery store is moving in and looking to hire about 200 positions. the latest on that tonight in a new details on the local slot parlor fought over in court. we uncover some late breaking details. those stories and more tonight
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>> it really was not that bad today. >> it wasn't.
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>> happy we are here. >> happy, happy. >> 78 tomorrow. you'll be happy. >> i like 78. >> hot and humid weather with a couple of thunderstorms on thursday. >> not a good hair day. >> look at the memorial day weekend. >> ok. >> plenty of time for that to fall apart. >> don't to jinx it. leave it alone. >> thank you for joining us. >> we will be back tonight. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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